The Universe is our large tasting menu, where you get through our entire creative flavor universe.
This is an all-evening performance and will consist of a minimum of 15 servings with 8 glasses of wine or juice adapted to the menu in quantity and taste.

The menu is valid from 1st of October

Baltic prawn pie with brown crab and elderberry capers

Razor clam with green strawberries and mild horseradish

Baked oyster with herbs, browned butter, and Nordic soya

Confit of duck heart with onion glaze and mild chili

Salted scallop with truffle, apple, and kohlrabi

Sourdough bread with butter and other delicacies

Celeriac with sea mussels and pickled fennel seeds

Butternut with wild onion, trout roe and pickle juice

Butter poached turbot with caviar and fermented asparagus

Pheasant with forest mushroom, pistachio, and mushroom sauce

Roasted fallow deer with oyster mushrooms and unripe blackberries

Fermented elderflower honey and Danish Cheese

Crunchy meringue with pear and gooseberries

Apple ice cream with kephir, vanilla and sweet woodruff oil

Freshly ground coffee and petit fours from our wagon

Still or sparkling water ad libitum
Wine- or juice menu matching the menu

Kr. 1200,

Kr. 800,

If you want more than the fixed package, everything can be done by pre-ordering. We love food, wine and a challenge.
If you are allergic, vegetarian or similar, are happy to adapt the dishes so you also can eat at our restaurant. However, this is necessary to inform about in advance.
Obs. subject to change.
If so, call us to find out if there are any changes.