The man behind the restaurant

Kim Gubi Lundvaldt

Trained chef at Hotel Nyborg Strand
Chef at Hotel Nyborg Strand
Sous Chef at Valdemars Slot
Head Chef at Steensgaard Herregaardspension
Head Chef at Trugstad Gaard in Oslo, Norway
Manager and Head Chef at Hotel Skagen Gaard in Bodø, Norway
Head Chef at Broholm Slot
Manager and Head Chef at Munkebo Kro
Head Chef at Munkebjerg Hotel
Manager and Head Chef at mmoks
Owner and Head Chef at Resumé

“Årets Bo & Spis adresse” (Stay & Eat address of the year) in Denmark 2008 by Den Danske Spiseguide
Winner of the culinary competition “Schiøtz Prisen” in 2016

Kim Lundvaldt - Restaurant Resumé