Current menu

The current evening menu is valid from 4th of May until and including 30th of May
See the next evening menu here

An evening at Resumé
Kr. 600,- per person

Crispy mussels with malt and fermented garlic
Smoked mackerel with asparagus cream and unripe gooseberries
Lump fish roe with aromatic chamomile and brioche
Corndog on lamb from Avernakø with mayo on dried tomatoes
Charles Bailly, NV Blanc de Blanc

Polenta bread with pumkin seeds and malt beer with dark beer
Airy butter with skyr and charred onion

Steamed white asparagus with juicy shrimps, pickled poor man asparagus, herbs and sauce on browned butter
Cave De Hunawihr, 2019, Alsace

Main course:
Veal in several ways from Grambogård with green asparagus, small new potatoes, onions in variety and sauce with green pepper
Chateau Pesquie, 2014, Ventoux

Tiramisu with Funen aquavit and rhubarb in our way with roasted choco, rhubarb sorbet with forest mark and broken choco
Chateau Moulin Caresse, 2018, Cotes de Montravel

Coffee or tea with sweets
Moms cookies
and petit four

It is also possible to get a beer menu or an alcohol-free juice menu

A grand evening at Resumé
DKK 750,- per person

Extra dish:
Grilled king crab with sautéed morels salted lemon, horse beans and creamy crab bisque
Keystone of California, 2019, Mendocino County

The extra temptation
DKK 100,- per person

2 good Danish cheeses from Arla Unika
with crispbread and candied/pickled stuff
A matching glass of wine


If you want more than the fixed package, everything can be done by pre-ordering. We love food, wine and a challenge.
If you are allergic, vegetarian or similar, are happy to adapt the dishes so you also can eat at our restaurant. However, this is necessary to inform about in advance.
Obs. subject to change.
If so, call us to find out if there are any changes.